Fino Affiliate Program

I would like to introduce you to our Fino Affiliate program. I hope you get excited when you consider the benefits. Join our team, and help us deliver health and nutritional food around London.The only thing you need to do is to introduce your client and we will guide them into a healthier eating lifestyle.

To receive the full program please click here or call 07792715625


You can issue a voucher of your full consultation/section price for your customer to use with us. When your customer uses the voucher we won’t be able to also pay you commission, but we believe that once they try they ’ll buy again and them you’ll get your deser ved commission.


Based on your results you will have complete suppor t in our social channels and access to our e -newsletter.


Every month we will have something new going on workshops, gifts, and draws. We will make sure you participate of each one.

30% discount right after you become “Fino Affiliate”. We will only start paying you commission after your 3rd active referral. As you already been benefited with an equivalent to 2 referrals on a regular basis.


We strive to deliver the best!!! You will be able to help to create and taste our new creations.

To keep the discount the affiliate needs to maintain all 3 customers active and under supervision.