Finotaste Wedding

Finotaste Weddings is a premium catering service. We bring you the finest, homemade and individually created menus. We are obsessed with every detail of your special day and committed to making it memorable, refined and delicious.

At Finotaste, we cater with love, attention and care.

We understand your desire to create the perfect celebration for you and your guests. That is why we provide the finest in food and beverages, with professional service. Our goal is to make this day memorable for you, as well as your guests.

Each member of our team put their whole heart into making your special day a memorable one by making sure everything we do will fulfill your taste and needs.

Let us bring your event to the next level with our unique presentation, crowd-pleasing flavours, and bespoke customer service.
Never the same, always unforgettable.

One Stop Shop for Your Wedding event. We will take care of the food, service and catering so that you can spend more time enjoying yourself on your special date. We create a premium atmosphere in any venue.

Finotaste Wedding provides an unique experience for you and your guests. Our food is prepared tailored to your needs and presented in the most prestigious way. We will accommodate any dietary restriction.

Finotaste Wedding is a catering service that specializes in fulfilling the needs of your wedding day. We offer custom made menus, personalized service and a variety of packaging options to suit any budget.

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We have the best experience for your!

Your ideas and our culinary vision will create memories to treasure in years to come. 

Planning a wedding is stressful and we understand the importance of having a good catering service. Our staff has years of experience in the industry and is made up with highly qualified staff who are focused on only providing you with the best.

Combining our love, passion, and dedication to our experience, we have been providing bespoke catering solutions around London since 2014. We believe that cooking is much more than an art and we will always have the perfect solution for your need.

We have had the experience to participate in endless events, whether meetings of friends, special celebrations such as anniversaries, engagements, or birthdays. Each type of event has its own characteristic and singularity; therefore, our team will focus on providing a service that will please your target audience. Two things will never change no matter the type of event: the quality of our services and the excellence of our work.

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Talk to one of our team members and have all your questions answered.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

Our Director and Executive Chef Junior Menezes has over 20 years experience in the hospitality industry.
As event company we started in 2014.

Yes we can. We have all the equipment’s required to produce a big event.

We have a massive kitchen at our head quarters  in South London and from there we prepare 80% and finish off just before service.

We do have all the licenses and insurance required.
This is very important to check and make sure you are hiring a proper catering company.

Yes for most of than.
Kosher is the only one we don’t do at the moment unfortunately.

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